Medical Products

Hill-Rom Equipment Service Pendant

Medical Pendants are used to provide electrical/video/communications and medical gas delivery service where needed in the OR and to optimize the relationship between physicians, the patient and medical equipment.

Designasaurus developed the basic mechanical design for the pendant working closely with the client’s engineering team. The pendant was designed as a modular system of components which can be configured differently to create a family of different pendant products. The multiple configurations and shelving options meet the requirements of anesthesia, surgery, angioplasty, endoscopy and ER/trauma installations.

Unique rotating joints provide a wide range of rotation, allowing users to reposition the medical equipment  in close proximity to the patient to best meet the ergonomic needs of individual surgeons & nurses. This also removes dangerous trailing hoses and cords from the floor of the operating room.

The system was designed to be easier to install than previous and competitive products. Icon based instructional graphics simplify controls for use by international personnel.

Photo of Medaes pendant

Service Pendant

Healthdyne Tranquility MPr CPAP Device

CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) equipment is used to assist patients suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Received the 1994 IDEA Gold Award for medical product design excellence. (IDEA Awards are sponsored by IDSA and Business Week Magazine)

CPAP Device designed by Wendell Wilson & Machen Montague

IDEA logo
CPAP Device

Fiber Optic Illuminator for use in
Endoscopic surgery

Product look updated through attention to overall enclosure proportions and display/control layout. The new design uses the same internal components as the original design. In addition to ergonomic and aesthetic considerations, other design issues included cooling/ventilation and spare bulb storage.

Photo of existing Illuminator and design appearance model


Respironics PLV Continuum Ventilator

Ventilator for use in wide range of applications from sub-acute to the ER. Durable lightweight and compact housing designed to facilitate portability and permit operation in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Integral equipment mounting rails for attachment of related devices. Easy-to-navigate Graphic User Interface facillitates set up, monitoring and operation by the patient.

ventilator small 2ventilator small

Appearance Mock Up and Concept for Operational Graphics

ventilator respironics