Industrial Products

Modular Electric Meter

Designed for Schlumberer’s Electricity Division.

Modular electric meter utilizes a series of interchangable modules to provide functional flexibility for specific metering applications.

Rotating locking rings designed to lock modules in place, permitting the meter to be services & reconfigured in the field without requiring the use of tools.

Articulating appearance model shown

Meter designed by Wendell Wilson while with LPA.

Modular Electric Meter

Commercial Beverage Coolers for

Coolers designed to maximize graphics & optimize display of product.

Below: FormZ Rendering of Production Cooler

Commercial Beverage Coolers for Beverage-Air

Left: FormZ Rendering of production cooler

Commercial Beverage Coolers for Beverage-Air

BZ-13 Cooler by Beverage-Air

Beverage Cooler utilizes air-curtain technology for open front design which promotes sales in retail environments. Structure of Cooler designed to permit stacking of Coolers during storage and transport.

coke cooler beverage air 2

Left: FormZ Concept Rendering
Right: Production Cooler

coke cooler beverage air