First off, Designasaurus is not a big firm. Well, OK it’s full-time staff is currently comprised of one highly motivated designer with extensive experience in product development.

By enlisting the assistance of highly experienced outside “specialists”, (SolidWorks, Alias Wavefront, Pro/ENGINEER, FormZ etc,) as needed, Designasaurus can tailor the design team resources to fit the requirements of a specific project. While our small size can preclude our being able to assist on larger programs or/and those with particularly tight timeframes, we find our smaller scale provides the flexibility needed to interface well with many in-house product development teams.

Look for other faces here as Designasaurus adds a designer or two in the future. Our growth will follow our proven model of being highly responsive to client resources. Our goal is to be the next best thing to having your own in-house ID department.

wendell wilson baby pic

Wendell Wilson

Wendell founded Designasaurus in 1991 after working professionally as industrial design consultant since 1983:

"In working in or with larger organizations, I found myself becoming increasingly involved in activities other than actual design work. Since I got into this field because I enjoy the whole design process and am good at it, the concept of creating a smaller scale design firm was very appealing to me. The limited scale of Designasaurus is no accident; it permits me as a designer to do what I do best!"

Wendell holds two degrees in Industrial Design: a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from a private Art Institute and & a Masters degree in Industrial Design from a large state university program. He credits the diversity of his design education for his appreciation of product aesthetics balanced with an understanding of real-world requirements.

Wendell has taught in the School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech since 1990. He was named a Professor of Practice in 2012.

Wendell is a Life member of IDSA and a member of SPE.